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A-Team Blog Week Recap: Recognizing the Value of SHRM’s A-Team


September 19, 2014


Hopefully, SHRM members and fellow HR professionals across the country have read some of the wonderful and impactful blog pieces your fellow peers shared over the course of this week’s A-Team Blog Week. If you haven’t read the blogs on this site, you really should. What an impact face-to-face meetings with lawmakers and their staffs can have on the workplace, and on those who engage! And what a mark the A-Team left in their congressional districts and states during the recent month-long August congressional recess. SHRM also hosted several state councils and area chapters in...


California Enacts Law Requiring Employers to Provide Paid Sick Leave


 On Sept. 10, 2014, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 (Assembly Bill 1522), making California the second state, after Connecticut, to implement paid sick leave state-wide. This law takes effect July 1, 2015, and implements a number of new Labor Code provisions (sections 245 et seq.).

California employers should begin learning about its very detailed requirements and compare it against similar but different ordinances already enacted in San Francisco and being considered in San Diego.

Employers Covered by and Exempted from New Law

Likely one of the more controversial aspects of this new...


SHRM Advocacy Team Spotlight – Congressional Recess Activity by Delaware SHRM


Fellow DE SHRM Chapter board member John McDowell and I met with Andrew Dinsmore, assistant to Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), and James Paoli, DE State Director, in Senator Coons’ Wilmington, Delaware, office last month. 

We kicked off the meeting by providing background information about SHRM using SHRM’s State of Delaware one-pager as a leave-behind.  We highlighted the number of SHRM members worldwide, and in the two local chapters in Delaware, calling special attention to the fact that 90% of DE SHRM members work and/or live in Delaware.  By profiling the activities of our chapters - such as monthly meetings,...


Why Hasn’t Gamification Taken Off in Talent Acquisition?


It’s been a few years since the concept of gamification first came on my radar. At the time, I was still relatively new to the world of HCM technology, and everything was bright and shiny. The Millennial in me was intrigued by the idea of using game mechanics to make tired old HR processes a little less drab. I was so intrigued that I briefly considered joining the Bunchball team.

I wasn’t the only one intrigued. Industry pundits and bloggers alike flocked to the idea of gamification and its...


More SHRM A-Team Interactions with NH Congressional Delegation

September 17, 2014

During the August Congressional recess, I had the opportunity, along with other SHRM A-Team members, to meet with Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH-01) in her office in Rochester, NH. It was our initial meeting with Representative Shea-Porter, as we had met in the past with members of her congressional staff. We explained the purpose of the A-Team, stressed that this was meant to be an ongoing relationship, and hoped we could be a resource in the future if she or her staff had questions or sought input on business or HR-related matters. The Congresswoman agreed that, although someone...


Why Down Time Matters


Everyone is busy. Our inbox, calendars, to-do lists and screens run our lives.  Everyone is working a second shift and we don’t take vacations. Life moves fast.

But there’s a real danger in allowing yourself to be entirely consumed by the next “urgent” task. If we never hit pause, we lose something important: time think creatively, learn, consider problems from a different perspective and perhaps even experiment a little bit. That requires space.

Everyone talks about innovation. It’s what every company wants. Breakthrough thinking...


New Hampshire’s A-Team Activity During August Recess – All Hands on Deck!

September 16, 2014

Over the last year, our New Hampshire A-Team has been extremely active on both the federal and state level due to the tireless efforts of all of our A-Team Captains, Legislative Chairs and State Council. In fact, our HR State Council has truly embraced the need for advocacy and has continued the annual tradition of a New Hampshire Legislative Conference, which promotes the partnership with our NH Legislature by education and opportunities to connect with our state representatives. 

Thankfully, all of our efforts resulted in an amazing turnout by our New Hampshire A-Team! Ten of...


#Nextchat: Smoke of a Different Kind


Back in March, we chatted with employment attorney Christine Walters about Marijuana in the Workplace. This week we’ll be chatting about smoke of a different kind.

Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes or e-cigs, are an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. E-cigarettes produce a vaporized liquid that’s inhaled and provide a similar sensation to smoking. The liquids used to produce the vapor come in various flavors and may contain nicotine.

Recently, e-cigarettes and regular tobacco smokers are getting more attention as states pass laws and organizations pass policies regarding their presence...


Culture of Awesome !!


There are countless numbers of blogs and articles regarding culture.  I’m absolutely in that mix because I feel that culture is the most critical factor of today’s workplace.  The challenge I see though is that people continue to offer models of what will absolutely work for you.  I think this is an incredible presumption !!  I can’t come close to understanding what your company culture is or isn’t.

There are a few assumptions I can make that will be accurate:

  1. Your company has people that work there.
  2. All the people you have are different and
  3. ...