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Implementing Wearable Technologies in the Workplace


We are in a dynamic, exciting, and yet constantly changing workplace environment. As the techie generations – Gen X and millennials – establish themselves into the workplace, they also bring about change.

Now think about the shift from typewriter to desktop computer to laptop to tablet. Each of these technology evolutions changed how we did business. Fast-forward to a world where everyone is receiving information at a rapid rate and add to the mix an increase in healthcare costs and wellness advocacy.

Fitness wearables, such as FitBit Flex and Jawbone Up, provide a solution to employers by...


Will U.S. Job Market Improvements Continue Into 2015?


 Recent labor market sentiments have frequently mirrored observers’ opinions of the U.S. economy as a whole. Every good report seems to come with a caveat:

We are in the midst of a stretch of job growth not seen since the 1930s, according to federal data. Yet millions of people remain out of work.

The nation’s gross domestic product has rebounded strongly since a poor first quarter of 2014. Yet despite the resulting profit gains, employers generally aren’t raising wages and many Americans are still struggling to get ahead.

Economists and other labor market observers report that employers...


3 HR Trends in 2014


It's been an interesting year in the world of Human Resources: The certification debate rages on, talent management is evolving at whiplash pace, generational diversity has created a roller coaster of succession planning and the social space has never been more populated with educated HR advisors.

In truth, HR remains the organizational pipeline to employees, managers and executives. It is commonly overlooked that HR is the only organizational department with such an influence on company success.

We all know nothing happens...


Pick a Fight!

We tend to segment our organizations: by generation, by department, by location, by tenure.

Our organizations have employees and managers and executives who are drawn together by the purpose of the companies we represent... We all want the same things: success and happiness. We are all far more similar than survey data tends to reveal.

We Can Do This.... because we can!

Stop: Fighting among yourselves!
We compete against the marketplace and our competitors, why do we feel it necessary to fight among ourselves? Friendly competition in the...


Executive Book Club: December


Everyone who works with people is realizing that the old autocratic method of leadership simply doesn't work. The way to win is to build a great team.

John C. Maxwell has been teaching the benefits of leadership and team building for years. Now he tackles the importance of teamwork head on, writing about teamwork being necessary for every kind of leader, and showing how team building can improve every area of your life.

The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork not only contains laws that you can count on...


Developing 21st Century Global Leaders in 2015


"Today’s world is enormously complex and more interdependent than at any time in history. Organizations are confronting global issues they have never faced before. To be effective, the leaders of tomorrow must be able to collaborate while navigating cultural, regional and political differences.”[1]

 - SHRM Foundation

The world of work is in the midst of dramatic change. The influences of a global workforce, social media, technology, security, privacy, rapid innovation, and economics challenge leaders in ways we’ve never seen. What does it take to be a 21st century global leader?

In this post...


Talent Analytics and Yogi Berra – Where Are you Going?

Yogi Berra, the former New York Yankee baseball player known for his pithy comments and witticisms, could have been talking to HR leaders about talent analytics when he coined this phrase. Today, talent analytics is, or should be, at the heart of your talent management solution.

Talent analytics and organizational success

While HR may be one of the last areas to be influenced by the availability of big data and analytics, it may turn out to be the most important for organizational success in the future. After all, there is more...


#SHRMYP Twitterchat: Professional Resolutions for the New Year

Please join the SHRM Young Professional Advisory Council (YPAC) for the monthly #SHRMYP Twitterchat at 12 p.m. CST on December 18.  The topic this month is “Professional Resolutions for the New Year.”  We are anticipating a great dialog based on the questions listed below.  Remember to follow @SHRMYP to view all questions and include #SHRMYP with your response tweets so they can be found in the dialog.  We look forward to you joining us!

Q1: As the year comes to a close, what is your greatest professional achievement? 

Q2: What is one thing you wished...


Talent Assessment Skills Every Hiring Manager Should Have


Having worked with many Hiring managers across different functions I have seen that most of them, especially new managers are not comfortable in interviewing candidates. Bringing the best people onto the team was always on top of their mind, yet not having the key talent assessment skills gets them in trouble in establishing the best team.

I must say, some of them got the help of HR to do a collaborative interview with the candidate. So HR can focus on the people side of it, understand the right fit by asking behavioural questions...