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#Nextchat RECAP: HR Tactics for 2015 and Beyond

On January 28, SHRM's @SHRMNextchat chatted with Nisha Raghavan (@theHRBuddy) about HR Tactics for 2015 and Beyond.

In case you missed this SUPER chat, you can read all of the great contributions to the conversation in the tweets here:





The New SHRM Blog -- New Look, Same Great Content!


On January 27 the We Know Next website will transition to the “The SHRM Blog”.  A few years ago when we launched the “We Know Next” campaign, our goal was to promote awareness of the strategic value of human resource management and create a “go to place” to share in best practices, access resources, and allow HR professionals to network with innovators within the profession.  Thanks to your contributions we’ve done exactly that -- and the mission continues!  While we look to share additional updates from...


You Take Me Up !!


It’s a simple word that carries incredible power.  When it occurs, you see people light up and respond in ways that they hadn’t mere moments from receiving it.


It’s something we’re hesitant to do – especially in HR.  People tend to hesitate because we don’t know when you’re either doing it “enough” or “too much.”


It’s the epicenter of human interaction.  It is more comfortable to tear down than to build up.  It’s what people have come to expect from their supervisors, their peers and even strangers. Discouragement is the norm.  Don’t believe me?  Turn on the...




I have always noted that President’s get their First Hundred Days, and so should new staffers! This transition time is foundational for success as a new hire or as an internal hire in a new leadership role. Many assume that internal hires will not need an on-boarding process. I am of the opinion that an internal hire should also be granted a transition period, the agenda will be different than an external hire, but this step will help them successfully transition into a new role in their organization. Regards of who you were in the past, today is a...


#Nextchat: HR Tactics for 2015 and Beyond


HR pros are always looking for effective ways to accomplish their organization’s talent management strategies. The problem is finding the time to plan and implement a strategy while keeping up with daily administrative tasks.  

A smart talent strategy is critical for any organization.  The key is to determine where your organization has needs and to find creative ways to address them.

If you don’t have enough of the right employees; if you’re scaring them away during the interview, or if they don’t stick around for very long, then the strategies...


How to Integrate Freelance Contractors into your Company Culture

Whether you rely on regional sales representatives, a freelance accountant, or a remote IT team to manage your ecommerce site, some of your most valuable employees may rarely set foot in the office. How do you create a cohesive company culture with a team that includes remote contractors? Finding ways to motivate, inspire, and integrate your freelance workforce into this culture can make the difference between an employee who's simply working for a paycheck and one who is engaged with your core business values. Here are a few tips to bring them on board.



Court Ok's Firing of Employee Who Made "Inappropriately Intense" Facebook Posts

You know all that stuff you read on the internet about employees who can badmouth their boss on the internet, all in the name of free speech, and not get fired for it....

Yeah, about that...

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Here's a recent opinion from the Fifth Circuit about a 25-year police sergeant, a public employee, whose First Amendment freedom of speech rights were not violated when she was fired for posting Facebook comments, which were


Wellness in the Workplace: Digital Eye Strain

Many office dwellers who work in front of computers for extended periods of time know there are unintended health consequences like increased risk for obesity and cardiovascular disease that come with 40+ hours of sitting each week. However, individuals with computer-oriented jobs often neglect to understand how a constant use of technology can impact eyesight and vision health.

Too much screen time can result in a temporary discomfort known as digital eye strain, which is characterized as the temporary physical eye discomfort felt after two or more hours in front of a screen. Marked by symptoms such as...


5 Ways To Go Beyond The Resume in 2015


No one likes resumes. People don't like writing them. People don't like reviewing them.

How can organizations and recruiters go beyond the resume in 2015 to make a culturally aligned hiring choice?

Here are five talent strategies and tactics that will enable you to go beyond the resume this year.

1. Eliminate Job Postings

"If you eliminate the job posting, you eliminate the practice of people writing their resume to match the job description," says Brian Mohr, co-founder of the leadership search firm Y Scouts. "Then, people have no choice but to...