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SHRM Advocacy Team Spotlight - Shoals Chapter SHRM

SHRM Advocacy Team Spotlight – Congressional Recess Activity by Sandra Sockwell, Shoals Chapter SHRM

The Shoals Chapter SHRM was pleased to host Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), who presented the Chapter’s program at Cypress Lakes Golf and Country Club in Muscle Shoals, AL, on Thursday, August 14.  Since he had visited our Chapter a time or two in the past, and we had visited him many times in regular SHRM Hill Visits, for this meeting we asked him to tell us what was going on in Washington, DC.  He spent most of the time explaining his...


EEOC takes on fitness-for-duty medical releases; how to avoid the crosshairs


Your fitness-for-duty employee medical examinations are job-related or consistent with business necessity. So, they pass muster under the Americans with Disabilities Act. But, what about the medical information you request from employees in connection with those exams? 

Oh yeah, there's that too...

Ask for too much info and you might be violating not only the ADA, but also the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act.

Rut roh! More after the jump...

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Last year, in this post about sending your Social Media Manager, Amanda Bynes, for a fitness for duty exam, I warned that there are some hoops you...


Executive Book Club: September 2014

This book has been Approved for Recertification Credit. After reading this approved book, you must complete a quiz on SHRM’s E-Learning platform. When you purchase this book from the SHRMStore, you will receive a code that you can use to cover the cost of the quiz. Receive a 70% or better score on the quiz and you will then receive a certificate of completion with the program ID that entitles you to 2.5 GENERAL credit hours. Use this Program ID to log your credits. For a complete list of the books approved for credit, visit the Approved Books List. Learn...


#SHRMYP Chat: "What You Wish You Knew When Starting Your HR Career"

Recent grads and new HR professionals often have questions about what they can expect when entering the field of HR.  They often ask for tips for success in their new role.  Who better to ask than young professionals themselves? 

Please join the SHRM Young Professional Advisory Council at 12 noon CST on Thursday, September 18 for a Twitterchat to discuss “What you wish you knew when starting your HR career.”  The Twitterchat will be hosted by @SHRMYP with YPAC member co-hosts @CallieZipple, @careerGLOW, and...


HR & IT: Friends, Foes or Partners?


I recently read The Evolving Workplace: Expert Insights, part of a global project commissioned by Dell and Intel. For the study, TNS Global is exploring key future trends and themes pertaining to the workplace and workforce, with a specific focus on understanding the role that technology has played in its evolution

There is some fascinating information in Report #1 as the researchers outline seven trends and their accompanying hypotheses. Among these trends are Productivity (measured in outputs, not hours), Employee-led Innovation, and a revised view of Employee-Employer trust – labeled ‘Values versus Rules’ by TNS Global. We’ve been discussing these trends in the HR sphere for...


The North Star


What is it that engages people in their work? It certainly isn't something that can be packaged or sold.

Some people see their job for what it is worth and are driven to make as much money as possible. Some people want to use their profession as a social network. There are people who live to create extraordinary products and those for whom a pay check will validate a higher personal purpose.

The SCRAF model identifies 5 motivation types:
Status - I want to get promoted.
Certainty - I want reassurance that my job is important.
Autonomy - Leave me...


#Nextchat: Managing the Employee Life Cycle with Technology


HR professionals are continually challenged by their organizations to increase efficiency and provide employees’ with better services. 

Over the past twenty years HR departments have responded by making significant investments in technology that has helped to attract and retain the best talent and facilitate more effective communication across the organization.  Many of these systems mimic popular social networking sites and offer a multitude of ways for employers to engage and build positive relations with their employees while increasing satisfaction and morale.  

HR technology now manages every aspect of the employee life cycle to better serve, manage,...


Don’t Boss Me


The internet is filled with articles telling me what I “should” be doing and what I “need” to be doing. Everything from how I need to manage my employees, how I should handle my relationships and how I should unplug during a vacation. While I appreciate the unsolicited advice and feedback being offered, I realize that not every bit of advice makes sense for my situation. As HR professionals, we are constantly telling our managers what they need to do to be a better manager. We tell our employees how they should behave. While our intentions may be good,...