Top 10 Social Media Mistakes Made by Supervisors

We often hear that our supervisors are our eyes and ears in helping to ensure legal compliance and minimize risk.  This is true when it comes to social media, but only if supervisors receive training on what to do and what not to do.  The do’s and don’ts of social media are not always intuitive. Here are ten of the more common mistakes that supervisors make in the absence of adequate training:

  1. Posting a job opportunity without including the appropriate EEO and/or AA tag line. A posting is an advertisement for legal purposes.
  2. Failing to retain a posting about job
  3. ...

Got an eye for “talent?” Better check that bias blind spot.

Some of the folks that I get the most resistance from when talking about bias are recruiters and hiring managers. They love to say things like “bigotry is stupid and bad business,” and “I just want to hire the best person for the job,” and “I don’t care about race.”

The word “bias,” is probably part of the problem, as it is one of those words that brings a bunch of baggage, but the truth is that we are naturally judgmental as human beings. We make assumptions. We categorize. We jump to conclusions. We interpret what we see, hear and small...


#Nextchat: Is It Time to Split HR?

Is it time to shake up and break up the HR profession?  The global changes that are affecting organizations have major talent implications for strategy and operations. Today’s turbulent economic environment requires HR professionals who understand business issues and who have the ability to create high-impact solutions.

In a recent Harvard Business Review blog post, Ram Charan claims that while HR performs useful tasks, “the department per se must go.” Why? He argues that while human resource professionals are great at handling engagement, empowerment and cultural issues, they don’t know how to relate HR to real-world business needs....


#Nextchat: What HR Students Need to Know

Entry level HR is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

This past March, I sat down at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and spoke with students about what they need to know as they prepare to leave school and enter the real world.

I talked about some of the career aspects: negotiating salary, establishing credibility, networking, etc.  I also talked about some of the things I learned very quickly after I left school -- namely, that the degree isn’t as helpful as most schools would lead you to assume.

I can vividly...


SHRM Leading Indicators of National Employment® (LINE®): July 2014

In July, hiring rates will reach four-year highs for the month in the manufacturing and service sectors, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE) survey for July 2014.

■ Manufacturers, services ramp up hiring in July. Roughly half of manufacturers (53.2 percent) and service-sector companies (49.2 percent) will add jobs in July. 

■ Recruiting difficulty continued in June. Difficulty in recruiting candidates for key jobs rose in June in both sectors compared with a year ago.

■ Pay rates for...


Characters Abound at SHRM National 2014

In 1976 we had a big bicentennial celebration at my elementary school complete with costume contest.  The idea was to dress up as an historical character from revolutionary America.  My mother, being the frugal, creative soul that she is, crafted a Ben Franklin costume form a blue bathrobe, and a few other items she found around the house, combined with a .50 cent plastic, half bald with glasses mask - with one of those elastic death strings strapping across the back.

I must have been in 2nd or 3rd grade and was pretty much game for anything.  So I boldly...


A First Look at the Talent Acquisition Vendor Landscape

As many can attest, the talent acquisition vendor landscape changes on a daily basis. Keeping up with all of the newcomers and established solution providers is a challenge.

Earlier this year, Brandon Hall Group launched our first annual Talent Acquisition Benchmark Survey to get a sense of how this practice area is maturing – in terms of both key practices and technology adoption. While the survey will give me a better understanding of how organizations are using technology to support their talent acquisition efforts, keeping tabs on vendor offerings and activity is an ongoing process.

That’s why I dedicate hours every week to in-depth...


#SHRM14 HR Motivators: Bobbi Wilson

We Know Next is finding and interviewing HR Motivators at the SHRM 2014 Annual Conference & Exposition.  Below is a Q&A with HR professional Bobbie Wilson.

Q. What inspires you as an HR professional? 

I like bringing out the good in people, helping them to achieve more or understand more. In the end I'm helping to enrich peoples' lives through their work.

Q. What social media platform do you use most for your job and why?

I mainly use Twitter as a custom news feed. It helps me to be aware of trends in the...