SHRM Young Professional Spotlight: Mitchell Aasted

SHRM is shining a spotlight on some amazing young HR professionals.  Meet SHRM Young Professional Mitchell Aasted.

Q. What do you see as being the biggest challenge for HR in the next 10 years?

The biggest challenge for HR in the next ten years will be rebranding the division as a strategic business function.  It will also be interesting to see how much automation of tasks will affect the labor market, and subsequently the various functions of HR.

Q.  What is the best method for engaging employees?



How NOT to Produce Facebook Evidence

Electronic discovery, the collection and production of electronic documents in litigation, is a scary thing to many lawyers. Some are so scared by it, in fact, that they just deny that it exists and continue to produce only hard-copy documents. Of course, that is a terrible idea. And not at all in compliance with the rules of procedure. But, alas, it is what it is.

There are times that a lawyer will want to produce electronic records, such as text messages, emails, and, heaven forbid, social-media content, but simply not know how to do it.  I had an opposing counsel call me...


The Value of Context

I am a dad.  It has to be the greatest accomplishment I’ve ever had, or will ever have.  My kids are on the verge of being adults now so they are doing more and more on their own.  What I’m finding is how easy it is to take a small amount of information and blow it out of proportion if you are missing context.  I’m seeing this both from them spreading their wings and having to make bigger life decisions as well as my wife and I letting them fly more.  We don’t always have context around what their decisions...


Helping HR Prepare For the Post-Merger and Acquisition Challenge

Someone once said that everything stops during a takeover, as people speculate on the direction of the fall of the axe. The sudden techtonic shift reminds us that companies are put together as human constructs and can quickly be remade. In this blog, I want to focus on what the HR team in particular can do to prepare.

HR Help urgently!

HR teams that are the targets for corporate transactions cannot afford to wait around. They can create uncertainty in the workforce, while offering a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate HR’s value. So what are the priorities? Here are seven items...


#Nextchat: What Will Recruiting Look Like in 2024?

Much like the life of movie character Ryan Bingham, a corporate downsizer played by George Clooney, the future of talent acquisition is up in the air.

The transformation of recruiting over the past 20 years has been almost incomprehensible. In 1994, who would have envisioned that our resumes would be posted online for collective review and that recruiters would source candidates on the Internet, through platforms called Facebook and Twitter, via a smartphone at Starbucks?

Over the past 10 years recruiting has transitioned...


How to Focus Your Job Search for Success

I speak with overwhelmed job seekers every week who can't seem to gain any traction in their job search. They tell me, "I'm applying for just about anything that will pay me". This, my friends, will get you nowhere. My suggestion to the job seeker is to stop the scatter-shooting and laser focus your search.

Here is a great way to start narrowing your focus. Make some lists. Start with a list of things you have recently been paid to do. Your next list is of things you like to do. Then make a list of things that you...


#Nextchat: Job Seekers Up Against an Algorithm

Job seekers are up against multiple hurdles these days as they look for meaningful work. While poorly written job descriptions and malfunctioning career sites hinder the job search, they now must face an even higher hurdle -- the algorithm.

Most job search websites have increased the use of software that uses complex algorithms to screen and sort resumes by searching for keywords that match specific skill sets and experience. Other programs, like LinkedIn’s “Recruiter,” can help talent managers find passive candidates by searching for a specific location, title or skill.