HR & IT: Friends, Foes or Partners?


I recently read The Evolving Workplace: Expert Insights, part of a global project commissioned by Dell and Intel. For the study, TNS Global is exploring key future trends and themes pertaining to the workplace and workforce, with a specific focus on understanding the role that technology has played in its evolution

There is some fascinating information in Report #1 as the researchers outline seven trends and their accompanying hypotheses. Among these trends are Productivity (measured in outputs, not hours), Employee-led Innovation, and a revised view of Employee-Employer trust – labeled ‘Values versus Rules’ by TNS Global. We’ve been discussing these trends in the HR sphere for...


#Nextchat: Managing the Employee Life Cycle with Technology


HR professionals are continually challenged by their organizations to increase efficiency and provide employees’ with better services. 

Over the past twenty years HR departments have responded by making significant investments in technology that has helped to attract and retain the best talent and facilitate more effective communication across the organization.  Many of these systems mimic popular social networking sites and offer a multitude of ways for employers to engage and build positive relations with their employees while increasing satisfaction and morale.  

HR technology now manages every aspect of the employee life cycle to better serve, manage,...


Applying Marketing Principles to HR

The other day I was reading some data (be still my heart!) and ran across something that didn’t initially surprise me. However, the more I think about it the more I am puzzled that this is still an ongoing issue. I reported on some other data  a while back that ties in pretty closely with this topic.

Sometimes you have to stop and wonder where common sense has gone. Companies are expecting more from their HR team than ever before, but according to data gathered by XpertHR, companies are increasing the number of employees relative to the number of HR professionals.



SHRM Leading Indicators of National Employment® (LINE®) for September 2014

Mixed Month of Hiring Expected for September

In September, hiring rates will increase in the manufacturing sector and drop in services compared with a year ago, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE) survey for September 2014.

  • Manufacturing, service hiring rates will vary in September. Roughly half of manufacturers (50.5 percent) and less than one-third of service-sector companies (29.9 percent) will add jobs in September.
  • Recruiting difficulty rose again in August. In August, for the sixth straight month, difficulty
  • ...

SHRM Young Professional Spotlight: Mitchell Aasted

SHRM is shining a spotlight on some amazing young HR professionals.  Meet SHRM Young Professional Mitchell Aasted.

Q. What do you see as being the biggest challenge for HR in the next 10 years?

The biggest challenge for HR in the next ten years will be rebranding the division as a strategic business function.  It will also be interesting to see how much automation of tasks will affect the labor market, and subsequently the various functions of HR.

Q.  What is the best method for engaging employees?