I Love Sports References in the Workplace


While everyone is talking about employee engagement and company culture, I would like to address the all-important use of sports references in the workplace. It’s what I know and what I love to do. Whether we like it or not, there are many parallels between the work place and sports. Both have teams, coaches, managers, strategy, rules, and role players, just to name a few. So if we want to get rid of the references, we got a lot of work to do. 

For example, have you ever been asked to find those “A players?” You have used every...


#Nextchat: Your Culture Stinks...But You Still Have to Hire!


We endlessly discuss, debate and dissect the topic of organizational culture; I myself tackled the subject just a few weeks ago. “Culture is the differentiator” we’re fond of saying. “To attract top talent we need to have an awesome culture!” we loudly proclaim from the rooftops. After all, as we learned via a report from The Institute for Corporate Performance (I4CP), the five domains of high performance organizations are: strategy, culture, leadership, talent, and market.

So culture - which is neither defined, owned or controlled by one person or one group - has become an HR buzzword. We talk about hiring for culture fit. We discuss brand culture with...


Be a Builder !!


When I look at the vast field of HR, I have to say that I am swayed to the power of Culture more than other facets.  I truly believe that people decide to either stay at a company or leave it because of its culture.

Cultures vary with each company that exists.  In fact, you could even note that each department within a company has its own culture.  With so many different environments, it seems difficult to think that we keep trying a “one size fits all” approach and think that it will work.  There are too many factors...


#Nextchat: HR's Holiday Hope and Headaches

December is a time to breathe a sigh of relief as we finish a year of accomplishments. The beautiful lights, music, decorations and parties create a fun and festive atmosphere as workplaces around the world celebrate multiple holidays. To quote a familiar holiday song, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” -- unless you’re in HR. 

Just about every HR professional has experienced both hope and headaches during the holiday season. The “fun” starts right around Thanksgiving when the cubicle decorations start...


From Telescopes to Microscopes, Great Leaders Need it All


I have written before about for what I write here.  Once again I give credit to my pastor and friend, , for helping me think about leadership in a different and descriptive manner.  Today’s post will look at the differing types of vision that leaders need to have in order to be successful.  I enjoy learning from others and try to always give credit where it is due. To David I say “thank you” once more.



#Nextchat: Ebola and the Workplace

The Ebola virus has reared its ugly head inside the U.S. and is spreading at an unknown rate due to the nature of its incubation period. While guidance is available from the CDC and other health organizations, it is not entirely clear that we know everything about how the disease may be transmitted.

The “facts” and updates change hourly, so, by the time you see this post, these will have changed again.

If the virus continues on its current path, workplaces will be significantly affected. It’s important for HR and other organizational leaders to have a plan in place for how...


World Serious: HR Lessons from Baseball


It’s time for HR to step up to the plate—and take a few lessons from baseball.

Beyond the obvious—that HR professionals, like baseball players, do best when they work closely as teams—there are additional baseball practices that can HR leaders can emulate:

METRICS: The book and movie “Moneyball” demonstrated the value of using data to gain competitive advantage. Baseball managers study opposing hitters’ tendencies and shift the positions of their fielders for optimal results. They have reams of data about which of their batters have the best chances against the opponents’ pitchers.

HR teams must identify, gather and crunch...